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Get Your Rowdy Pup Under Control

Visit All-Star Obedience for obedience training

Are you afraid to have guests over because of your wild dog? When you command your pup to sit or stay, do you get a blank stare in response? It’s time to teach your dog some manners. All-Star Obedience offers obedience training for puppies and adult dogs. Our head trainer has been taming pups for five years. We’ll work with you and your four-legged best friend to develop a proper relationship. It may seem impossible now, but at the end of our sessions, Fido will sit to greet people, stay calm while walking past other dogs and walk by your side on a loose leash.

Reach out to us today to enroll your pup in one of our classes.

Where can we conduct classes?

We realize you have a busy schedule, so we offer a variety of ways to take our classes. You can take our classes:

  • At the park
  • At your home
  • At a remote location of your choice

You can also ask for a combination package, which includes three classes in our store and three classes at a location of your choice. We offer evening classes for even more convenience. Drop the excuses and sign up for our classes now.

Our classes

Your furry friend will go through three levels of work to learn the manners they need to be a proper pup. The first level will include basic behaviors like sitting, staying and coming. Level two will add distractions and criteria. For level three, your dog will have to pass a 10-item test to gain their certification.

Call us right away at 970-260-5084 to teach your dog manners you can be proud of.