Teach Your Best Friend Some Manners

Work with us to have a well-behaved dog

Imagine your dog walking past another dog and staying completely calm. That dream can become your reality when you enroll your pup in an obedience class at All-Star Obedience. We can turn your unruly mutt into a polite pup before you know it. We use proven techniques to instill decent manners in your furry best friend.

Along with our six-week course, we offer in-home, hour-long sessions if you just need to teach your dog one specific thing. Get in touch with us now to have a dog that follows your every order.

Coming to see us? Our training area is located withing the park. We look forward to meeting you!

Turn your rowdy pup into a certified canine

Turn your rowdy pup into a certified canine

We take two to three dogs at a time in our classes to ensure every dog gets the one-on-one time they need. Our six-week-long course includes three levels to ingrain the manners your pooch needs:

  • Level 1: We’ll teach your dog basic behaviors such as sit, stay, leave it and come.
  • Level 2: We’ll add distractions and phase out treats so your pup works for praise and affection. Your dog will learn to sit while greeting people, walk by other dogs calmly and walk on a loose leash.
  • Level 3: Working toward certification, your pooch will pass 10 test items.
No two dogs are alike and some may learn at different rates. That’s totally fine! Your dog can repeat the Level 2 training as many times as it takes. Talk to us about your dog today to ensure we spend the most time on his or her problem areas.